Blood and Tears


Marie Parker, an architect with a prestigious company, considers herself a modern woman. But since the tender age of 6 she has had a secret passion for the mythical vampire. Dark, mysterious, dangerous - a knight in caped armor who could offer an eternity of passion. An intimate encounter on the long-forgotten, subterranean staircase of Castle Dracula with a mysterious, unseen stranger fuels her fantasies, even as she goes on about her everyday life. A life about to change in ways she could never imagine. Or could she?

Tyler Alan, a well-heeled business man, has requested that Marie alone design his multi-million dollar home. Though flattered and excited by the prospect, she is also very curious. Why her? She doesn’t remember ever having met him. What could have inspired him to want her? At their first meeting she finds Mr. Alan strangely familiar, the nearly coal-black depths of his eyes beckoning her to some dark, intimate place her body longs to explore. She also finds the tall, gorgeous aristocrat to be the most arrogant, chauvinistic, irritating man she has ever met!

Lord Tylerian Alain Florescu, a nobleman of Wallachia during the onslaught of the cursed Turks, was a just, if hard, lord and an unbeaten warrior, until death came to claim him on the battlefield. A beautiful tavern wench, white fangs glowing in the moonlight as she hunted among the fallen warriors, offered him a new life. To see a proper heir named, to protect his people and his lands, Tylerian chose to become a vampire, damned creature of the night. A warrior from the cradle, he had no difficulty killing to survive, the pleasure to be found in feeding a bonus. He stalked through the years, then the centuries, learning the skills necessary to amass a fortune. Taking women to ease his physical needs and quench his thirst. Never letting them touch his heart. Until the day a beautiful auburn-haired damsel in distress falls into his arms on a dark deserted staircase. Her scent, the taste of her lips, fires his blood as no other before her and he realizes in the depths of a soul he thought long departed that this woman must be his!

Discovery, betrayal, passion - even death - cannot come between two lovers sealed in eternity by ‘Blood and Tears’.