Julie slammed her bedroom door and threw herself on the bed. At thirteen, she was sure her life was over. She had just been asked out by the sexiest guy in the world; next, of course, to Jon Bon Jovi; and she had said yes. What was she going to do now? She knew that Bobby would expect her to 'put out', and if she ever wanted to be asked out again, by Bobby or any of his friends, she would have to cooperate.

But could she go through with it, at least without making a complete fool of herself? Oh, sure, she knew how sex worked - the fundamentals, anyway. With TV and movies and stuff, a person would have to be a complete idiot not to have figured that out. But she'd never actually 'done' it. She looked up at the poster of Jon Bon Jovi that hung on the wall above her bed and sighed.

"You'd teach me, wouldn't you, Jon?"

Julie stood to get a better look at her idol. He was so gorgeous, smiling down at her with his sweet face. Julie ran her hands down the poster to smooth it on the wall and realized that she was so nervous about her date tonight that her palms were sweating.

"Oh, this is ridiculous!"

She spoke to the air as she turned to her closet to begin the ordeal of deciding what to wear.

"I could always just say 'no thanks, I'm busy tonight'. Sure, and my sex life would be over before it even begins. Oh...Damn!"

Julie sat on the edge of her bed, cupped her face in her palms, and started to cry.


Her head came up like a shot to look into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. Standing in front of her was Jon Bon Jovi. Not the poster - the real man, in the flesh. And what wonderful flesh it was. Her eyes traveled down his face to his beautiful white teeth, gleaming in a knock-out smile. Her heart racing like an Indy car, Julie cast a quick glance over denim jacket, jeans, cowboy boots. This was definitely her Jon. But how?


Her voice was barely a whisper.

"What is it, baby, what's makin' you so sad?"

He crouched down in front of her, bringing their eyes level. His words were soft, gentle, reassuring.

"Let me make it better, baby."

He slid his fingertips into her palms and slowly raised each of her hands to his slightly parted lips. Shivers ran down her spine, settling in that warm place between her legs. He pulled her to stand in front of him and gazed deeply into her eyes.

"If you really want me to, Julie, I'll teach you everything I know about love."

Julie felt lightheaded and breath seemed to be having difficulty finding its way into her body. What little bit of logic that could find its way through the foggy mess
passing for her mind at the moment told her that this couldn't be happening, it must be a dream. But if it were a dream, she wanted it to go on forever.

Jon hugged her tightly to him. As an instinct as old as time told Julie what that hard lump against her thigh meant, she reveled in the knowledge that she was giving Jon Bon Jovi a hard-on. Her pulse began to pound in her ears until she thought that it would drown out all other sounds. But when Jon leaned down and spoke in her ear, his voice was crystal clear.

"I love you, Julie. I want to take you to Heaven and beyond, baby. I want to set your body on fire and burn with you. Do you want me, Julie, do you want me to take you?"

Her body was alive with feelings she'd never experienced before, her young passions stirred to a fever pitch. Her mind was trying to catch up, trying to whisper some warning in her ear, but all she wanted right now was to feel more.

In the whirlwind of her mind, Julie barely felt Jon effortlessly lift her into his arms and lay her body ever so gently on the bed. His arms were so strong, just like she'd known they would be. He stood looking down at her for a moment, then slowly, sensuously, he dropped his jacket to the floor and peeled off his blue cotton workshirt. With one knee on the bed, he leaned close to Julie's face. He spoke in a near-whisper.

"Do you want me, Julie?"

"Oh, yes, Jon. Love me."

His white teeth flashing in a wide smile, he slid down beside her on the bed.

"Alright, baby, burn with me."

"Julie, dinner time."

Julie's mother, Elizabeth - Beth, for short - stood at the bottom of the stairs to see if there would be any response. She doubted there would be because Julie usually had her headphones, her 'ears' as Julie called them, going full blast with Bon Jovi. She worried about Julie's hearing, but...

"You can't tell a teenager anything, they know it all," she said to herself as she climbed the stairs. She knocked on Julie's door, then walked in.

No matter how many times Beth saw that blank stare in the years to come, she would never forget the first time. Julie was lying on her bed, her clothes beside her on the floor. Her legs were spread and there was a drop of blood on the sheets between them. Just one bright red drop. Her voice shook just a little. She was not going to panic.


Beth knew that something was terribly wrong. She'd never seen Julie be so still if she weren't sleeping. But she couldn't be asleep, her eyes were wide open. Gripping the rumpled covers in one hand to help steady her rapidly fraying nerves, Beth sat on the edge of the bed beside her daughter. The bed felt warm, as though someone had just left it. Beth quickly perused the room to see if there were anyone lurking in the corners. Seeing no one, she returned her attention to Julie. Julie's eyes stared straight ahead, unfocused. Beth shook her.

"Julie...Julie, honey, wake up."

Losing her private battle, Beth shivered as cold panic began to edge its way up her spine. Her voice an octave higher and a few decibels louder, she spoke to Julie as she shook her shoulder, "Julie, what's the matter with you? Answer me."

In a desperate attempt to reach something inside her daughter, Beth slapped her across the face. Nothing, no change in that blank expression. A scream of total terror welled up inside of Beth, forcing its way between her clenched lips and into the quiet evening air. Somehow, in her mothers' heart, Beth knew her little girl was gone.

And watching over it all, smiling as always, hung the poster of Julie's idol, Jon Bon Jovi.