Michael - Fire's Breath


The Archangel Michael, warrior general of all angels, built his cabin in the woods of Earth to be close to those of Father’s children who might have need of him, never dreaming those same people might someday suspect the truth. He certainly hadn't expected this pesky reporter to come around asking questions he had no desire to answer. She is too attractive, too appealing to his masculine desires. Her beauty, intelligence and indomitable spirit make him want to tell her the whole truth, to make her accept his reality and become his woman.
Sasha Frazier, a tabloid reporter with dreams of working for The New York Times and someday writing a Pulitzer Prize winning article is down to earth, using her rather wry sense of humor to smooth her way in life, whether with a cantankerous editor, a curious Highway Patrolman, or a reluctant interview subject. When she finds she can't wriggle her way out of an assignment to research a mountain man the locals think might be an angel an idea she considers even more ridiculous than the norm for her paper she decides to make the most of it. Out of her city bred element in the woods of Utah, she welcomes the attentions of the handsome recluse, Michael Starch.
Until he declares himself an angel!
Fearing Michael’s delusions might make him six-feet-four-inches of dangerous, but attracted to his strong, defiant personality, Sasha finds herself falling for him. While dealing with her own issues of sex, God and betrayal, she discovers that not everything in life can be written down in black and white.
Like the indescribable colors of a flaming sword.
Or the glowing opalescence of an angel’s wings.

Fighting themselves, each other, and powers beyond their control, Michael and Sasha finally come to terms with their differences, finding an eternal love neither had ever thought to share.


Excerpt from "Michael - Fire's Breath"

"Shut up!”
So much for his sensitive man routine.
Sasha blinked, the fire in her eyes banking slightly with surprise at his outburst. For about two seconds. Then firecrackers were added to the flames.
"`Shut up'?” Look, buddy, just who the heck do you think you are? You don't just go around telling people to shut up. They tend to get a little perturbed.”
He reached her side in two strides, dropping to his knees and leaning over her prone body so his face was within inches of hers, his breath hot on her cheek, his voice molten steel.
"I couldn't care less how perturbed you get, little girl. I don't have to think who I am, I know. I am Michael St Arch, and I'm the only thing standing between you and freezing your pretty little butt to death. I'm the man who is going to keep you warm tonight. Maybe, if you're real lucky, I'll even get you hot! Now I'm going to stand up and take off my pants, then I'm going to crawl in next to you and press together every inch of our skin I can manage. Any questions?”