The Writings

Below are all of my writings, you can read the first part of each online or download the entire text in ZIP Format.
To open the texts you will need to have a ZIP program such as Winzip on your computer. You can download the latest version of Winzip from here

The first set of writings here are my novels and novellas, enjoy!

Michael - Fire's Breath Novel An Angel Romance
Blood and Tears Novel A Vampire Romance
Lucifer - Love's Redemption Novel A Fallen Angel Romance
Blaze of Light Novel A Modern Viking Romance
Pirate's Angel Novel A Modern Pirate Romance
Images Novella This is an older novella. It is very dated, though I believe that once you read it you will see that the characters can easily change to suit our own personal 'Images'
E-Mail Conversation with Prospective Publisher Dialog I thought you might want to listen in on a discussion I had with Deborah Anderson, editor at She contacted me to tell me they wished to publish 'Blood and Tears'. I don't know what she wanted to publish but I believe if you read on you'll see that it would have barely resembled the novel I authored. Please let me - and Deborah, if you'd like - know what you think.

The next set of writings is my poetry. I use poetry as a form of catharsis, pouring my love, pain, happiness, tears, faith and doubt into a gathering of words that I hope will touch those who read it. If they do, please let me know in the guestbook on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Hershey My first entry is for my beloved kitty, "Hershey". I lost him in December of 2000, a few days before his eighteenth birthday. For all of you who have suffered the loss of a dear pet, I hope this will help you to cry those last tears, forget the pain and remember the love. (New Window, Scroll down left side and select 'Hershey')
Twenty-Four Seven A Poem about Love
Alone Unfortunately, We've all been there
The Afterglow Mature Audiences - go for it!!! One of my personal favorites
Dreams Aren't we all Dreamers at heart?
Independence Day For that special someone who makes you love your lack of Independence.
The Gang I hope the Lord likes this one (and all of you, too)


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